Today, a colleague and I did a collaborative writing project with two of our literature students, one in senior 5 and the other in senior 2. There was lots of laughter, banter and silent pauses to think of one’s next line. It was the most fun I’ve had in a while.

And now….we (Fidai and Blissa) give you;

a glass of lemonade;

There she is

That pretty angel

Incredibly beautiful

Petite for my appetite

Yet bitter as wormwood

But still as sweet as honey

Bitter sweet lemonade

Confusing to the tongue

A dagger laced with wild honey

An apple covered in thorns

My heart keeps breaking

My soul wanders

My heart thunders

At the beautiful waters

As my hands tremble

Reaching out to hold you

once again.

Back as a fool, I long for you,

Innocent naive fool ,


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  1. Hi Lisa,

    The fact that I loved drinking lemonade and reading a poem that uses lemonade figuratively just blows my mind. I can still feel it’s taste on my tongue. Loved this read. 🥰

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