Hall of Fate : 2

A story is told of a chief who didn’t have a patience for time wasters. He arrived at his station an hour to the exam. He would sort examination cards and place them in order in the exam room. His invigilators would find him already placing answer booklets on desks so you can imagine his frustration when he rang the bell thirty minutes to the paper (like he’s supposed to) and students did not show up.

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When he rang it again, twenty minutes to the exam, still, no candidate appeared. Ten minutes to the paper they were seen slithering to the examination hall. Being their first paper, he thought the candidates had probably not been briefed. The invigilators checked the candidates and they got in to do their paper. Obviously, it started later than it was supposed to.

Towards the end of the paper, he reminded the candidates they had to be outside the hall at 1:30pm so they could be checked and start the paper on time. Their silence sounded like comprehension.

But, to his dismay, they showed up at 1:50pm. The invigilators were as angry as the chief. They asked the head teacher to get them sticks. He obliged. Every candidate got two strokes of the cane before getting in for the paper, and that was the last time they were late.

My chief invigilator is nothing like that. He’s laid back and always smiling. He operates on the notion that if everyone does their part well, everyone goes home happy. Which we would, if we weren’t so different. I’m not saying being different is a bad thing, I like that we are all different. I enjoy our differences. We are all unique as human beings and that is reflected in how we operate as invigilators. In the end, our combined efforts are what make for a successful supervision.

Source : Pixabay

Caution : The names are not real. The people behind them are.

Usher : He teaches at the same school with the chief so he’s somewhat favored. The chief will never complain about him so he does whatever he wants. When he’s not dozing, he’s talking to the chief or anyone who will listen to his hilarious stories. He’s generally a nice guy, he just doesn’t enjoy invigilating.

Peter : He swears he’s 70 years old. Apparently he’s been teaching since 1976. You can tell from how polite he is. There’s a huge difference between the politeness of this era and the one from back then. Theirs stems from a respect for everyone, the new one is mostly necessary politeness. He refuses to sit down in all of the three hours of an exam. His generation believes rest = laziness so he overworks himself as a result. He is interested in learning new things – he asks about how other schools operate and offers a page of wisdom from his book of his experience.

Annet : She has taught for twenty years. A fact she likes to throw into every conversation. She has appointed herself assistant-chief so she barks orders at anyone in sight. She doesn’t like lazy people which is understandable since she’s not lazy herself. If she’s to offer one of the invigilators correction, she must do in the hearing of everyone else so you can “learn from this person’s mistakes.”

Ruth : The quiet one. She greets everyone and goes about her business. She doesn’t speak unless spoken to. She’s not trying to be friends with any of the invigilators. She teaches at the same school with Usher and the chief but didn’t know their names until now. She came to work, and work she will. When she’s done she’ll go back to her life.

Connie : The young one. Because everyone believes young people are generally lazy, she tries to prove them wrong. They then give her more work because she’s “still strong and energetic.” But when she gets tired, she sits until a student needs help. She makes conversations with all the invigilators to try and learn from their experiences.

Hellen : The carefree one. When the examination hall gets too hot in the afternoon she takes off her shoes and walks on barefoot. She avoids any conversation with Annet; pretends to be partially deaf. She always wants to be in the examination room closest to the dining hall because she doesn’t like to “make her stomach suffer.”

Steve : The one who’s always offering to help everyone. He probably does it out of guilt since he’s always late. He likes to sit and observe other invigilators. He’s the one who said he could tell I teach English and Literature from the way I walk. He’s a good listener and is generally full of good vibes.

Ben : He’s present but never really present. Although UNEB insists no invigilator use their phone in the examination hall, he’s always texting behind a desk. If he supervises the morning exam he most probably won’t supervise the afternoon one. Something always comes up. The only person who actually knows his name is the chief invigilator.

So… which of these invigilators do you think you are most like at your work place?

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  1. Why do i feel like you are Connie 😂 anyways me as me, I’m proud of “Connie” and yes as you said, “our combined efforts are what makes for a successful supervision”…in one way or another every one brings their lot to the table. As for Ben 😂 😂 but also your story telling skills 👏🏽

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