International Literacy Day : 2020 Books

The International Literacy Day is celebrated on 8th September annually. It’s a reminder of the importance of literacy as a matter of dignity and human rights. This year, it happened to fall on Tuesday which means this post is somewhat late. Okay, it’s really late but it’s here, so that should count for something. No?

As a teacher of English and Literature, I play a huge role in advancing the literacy agenda. A role that was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic so I decided to use my idle time, which is a whole lot, to read and write more. Reading helps distract me from real life while writing is my way of processing the many surprises of life. If we are counting, I’ve written 41 blog posts and read and completed 26 books. It may seem like a small number but I’ve never come this far so it’s a big deal. And it has been such a refreshingly fulfilling journey; I feel like Lebron. Lebron the baller, not the one whom people claim only reads page 1 of books. 🙈

In honor of International literacy day, and to celebrate my achievement, I did a thing. A risky thing. I borrowed a line or two from page 24 of some of the books and tried to build a coherent story. I tweaked tenses and pronouns here and there, threw in a few conjunctions and some of my own words and a girl got something of a story. Take a look, and let me know what you think.

She walked like a ghost, only God heard her footfalls treading on quilted floors as she entered rooms that did not speak her sounds. She exhaled a sigh of relief when she stepped in and felt a little air move across her face. Vivek’s voice broke into the silence, low and rusty. “When your opponent has no honor, you must fight in different ways, smarter ways.”

“I said I’m fine.” Though the fearful flutter in her chest was distracting.
His other brow shot up to join the first one. “Very well.”
She didn’t mean to put that much bass in her voice, but she had to hold on to this. But what if she didn’t come back? No. No, she had to do this. But her body wouldn’t listen to her. She just stood there, frozen.

Wasn’t the love of a family supposed to be unconditional? Unbreakable? What she was thinking left her heart and started coming out of her mouth, goosebumps were all over her arms and she was shaking like she had a fever. “I have lived here for so long. Here, and not here,” she mumbled between sobs. Vivek rose to his feet, not sure what to do. Her pain pulled him to her. When he wrapped his arms around her, she didn’t push him away. There was such finality. Sally didn’t know whether to smile or beg forgiveness.

“You are a hero for living from that moment to this one. You never need to apologize for how you chose to survive.” He whispered

She bit her lips to lock the tears inside her eyes.

Here’s a list of my 2020 books so far:

  1. Gay Girl Good God – Jackie Hill Perry
  2. A Woman’s body is a country – Dami Ajayi
  3. Children of Virtue and Vengeance – Tomi Adeyemi
  4. A blade so black – L. L McKinney
  5. Love her wild – Atticus
  6. Pillow thoughts – Courtney Peppernell
  7. Everybody, Always – Bob Goff
  8. Teaching my mother how to give birth – Warsan Shire
  9. The Grammarians – Cathleen Schine
  10. For my negativity – Kagayi Ngobi
  11. The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl – Issa Rae
  12. Sing to it – Amy Hempel
  13. Yesterday I was the moon – Noor Unnahar
  14. The sun and her flowers – Rupi Kaur
  15. Relationship goals – Pastor Michael Todd
  16. The girl with the louding voice – Abi Daré
  17. Saint Joan – George Bernard Shaw
  18. Mouthful of forevers – Clementine von Radics
  19. Born on a Tuesday – Elnathan John
  20. Daddy loves his girls – Bishop T.D Jakes
  21. Unscrambled Eggs – Nadia Janice Brown
  22. Tumaini – Jade Novelist
  23. The GOD Players – Patience Itah Mbekhi
  24. Break your glass slippers – Amanda Lovelace
  25. The Hairdresser of Harare – Tendai Huchu
  26. You’re not enough (and that’s okay) – Allie Beth Stuckey

So…which books are you reading?

24 thoughts on “International Literacy Day : 2020 Books

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  1. I think you nailed the story!! Well done. I’m so glad you included your reading list too, can’t wait to check up some of those books. I’m going to start ‘The Farm’ by Joanne Ramos. Has been on TBR for so long. Finished ‘Some Boys’ by Patty Blout and really enjoyed ‘Rules for visiting’ by Jessica Kane. Read ‘Field notes on love’ by Jennifer Smith. I think with those I can say September started off really well😊.

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  2. You make me feel lazy with the numbers. Just when I thought I was doing some reading… Thanks for sharing your reading list. I’ll do well to update myself. Meanwhile, I see we share a couple of things in common. Among other things, I happen to teach English and literature too.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. You nailed the story babes, kudos!

    Aye, that list is something. Definitely updating mine, currently finishing The 5am club and looking forward to reading The body book by Cameroon Diaz

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