Of voices

This world is a lot like a classroom, there are different kinds of students: the ones who never say a word, the ones who find ways to turn everything into a joke, the bold type who unafraid to share their opinions, then there are those who only speak when nudged. Which kind of student do you think you are?

Let’s first talk about the quiet “students.”

It’s easy for them to get so used to hearing the bold ones speak that they forget their own tongues. They may even start to doubt themselves, to think that their opinion doesn’t matter. They start to think those who speak are always right and so they can’t be questioned. This has sort of become the norm, especially on social media. Even when the “big wigs” lie, we refuse to correct them because we’ve grown so accustomed to hearing their voices it feels strange to hear our own.

The thing about silence is that it gives the illusion of comfort. We tell ourselves if we don’t speak no one will accuse us of lying; no one will disagree with us if we don’t say anything. It sounds peaceful and nice, doesn’t it? But your silence won’t always bring you peace. Sometimes people will walk all over you because they can’t hear you complain about how they treat you. Other times your friends will land into trouble because you kept your word of advice to yourself.

So, dear quiet person, just because the other person is always talking doesn’t mean you shouldn’t speak your mind where need be. Speak, they’ll listen. Your voice counts. Your opinion matters, only if you give it.

Now let’s talk about the bold type,

The ones who have found their voice and use it with confidence. The ones who are more comfortable speaking their truths. I’m not going to ask to tone yourself down. But should you disagree with another bold person, I hope you’ll still be respectful. I hope you listen to those still finding their voice when they speak. I hope you support and guide them. I hope you remember everyone’s voice is just as important.

Whether you’re like me or you’re the bold type, people won’t always agree with you, and that’s okay. Speak regardless. But do it with love. Use your voice to lift others up, to bless, to encourage, to tell the truth.

14 thoughts on “Of voices

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  1. Are there ‘in-between’ students?😂
    Because for some situations, I’ll be a quiet student and others, the bold one.

    ‘The thing about sillence is that it gives the illusion of comfort’s
    Shook my table over here😅thank you for this reminder, Lisa.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, there are “in between” students because life keeps throwing different things at us and we always adjust.

    You’re welcome Sparkle. Thank you for taking the time to read. 😍

    Liked by 1 person

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