Most girls are into chocolate,I am into good looking people. Read that again; I said good looking people,not good looking males. Lately I have been meeting really nice guys I forgot to look at their faces. But this one time, I had the fortune of meeting a really cute guy. We exchanged numbers so we are busy on the green app. To my utter dismay,I find out he is a first year student and he is just 20years old. Am not into old guys but I also believe my lecturer when he says a man younger than 28 does not know what he wants. Day one of our conversation has us being sweet to one another, he thinks am pretty, I refuse to tell him he is my most gorgeous guy of the month. Then he asks if I can go spend the night. And he is so adorable; am hoping he means it in a friendly way(only to realize he does not). I ask if we can meet up the following day and he is reluctant to say yes because I want to talk about sexual purity. 10.45am on the dee day and my phone is ringing. Who calls at that time of the morning? Annoyed, I reach for it and find myself smiling at the sight of his name on the screen. He is expecting me so that means I have to get out of bed(worst part of everyday). Noon gets me at a mutual place. I would name the place but then you would figure out who this guy is. (Not that I like him,I just love to keep names out) He has an amazing room; that means there’s a TV screen. So we start to talk sexual purity. I am telling him it is wrong to fornicate; sexual ties destroy one’s spiritual life and he has that killer grin on so I keep talking. Virginity does not seem to matter anymore but staying sexually pure has made me the happy person I am. I don’t have to buy contraceptives, I don’t have to even think of unplanned pregnancy and most importantly, I don’t have to hang out with people who don’t believe in sexual purity. Wait…I think I forgot to explain the meaning of sexual purity. It is literally the state of being free of sexual sin. Sexual sin includes fornication, adultery, consuming pornography, bestiality, masturbation and the like. Mr. Cute guy believes and is in the process of growth in the journey of sexual purity. That’s my idea of a happy ending.

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