What’s Your Blind spot?


A blind spot is defined as a subject about which you are ignorant or prejudiced and fail to exercise good judgment.

I love church. See; church for me is a place to refill and I honestly love being full. I love service; the praise and worship, ‘the neighbours’, The Word, everything! My favourite part of service is “time for us to give.” Of course I love returning the Lord’s tithe, who doesn’t ? 😆 As the blue and red bags pass, I’m taken up by the beautiful voices of the worship leaders. In that moment, you could pinch me and I wouldn’t notice, you could slap me and I wouldn’t mind. There’s such an amazing thing about the singing talent; it literally blows me away.

So I expect you to understand what I’m about to tell you. I was in class, struggling to write an assignment on the lower part of the white board when I heard someone sing. I recognised the song. My mind has a way of storing lots of not-so-important things. I looked in the direction of the singing and it stopped. Giggles followed. I wasn’t going to punish her because even with my  far-from-okay voice, I sometimes catch myself singing in the least appropriate of places. I continued writing but two words later, the girl tried to sing again. This time I didn’t attempt to scare her into stopping. I stopped writing and gave her my full attention. She smiled and pretended to be busy copying the questions. Her friends laughed at her.

I didn’t laugh. I encouraged her. I asked her to come to the front and sing for the whole class. I had no idea what I was doing. All I knew was that it was music-related and I wanted it. Like the artist she was; she let her audience take a pick. One of the boys at the front suggested she sing what she had been singing which was ‘One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful.’ I felt the urge to second his suggestion but curriculum developers are always emphasizing how the classroom should be learner-centred so I took a back seat. In that moment, in ignorance of my obsession with singing, I thought I could hit two birds with one stone. I could give the artist a free platform but also teach the listening skill and maybe even give room for a little entertainment.

I thought I was doing the right thing. I told myself there was completely nothing wrong with it until everything went wrong. As soon as she got to her feet, the class lost its mind. Everyone screamed; okay, maybe not everyone but the noise was intense and unwanted. I admired how large her fanbase was already. 😂  What was I to do? This was supposed to be a lesson; not whatever it had turned into. I asked them to stay calm but they couldn’t hear me. (Notice how unnecessarily overly liking something could blind you then guide you into a ditch?) What would I say if someone came and asked what was going on? Eventually, they calmed down. I’d never been so grateful. Then we got to the performance – I was not going to give up because I had come so far; I had just walked through a sea of noise so I deserved me some ‘One Direction.’

In front, she made a new choice of song. The class fell quiet and she went; “Zero zero, zero distance, am requesting…” ‘The hell is she doing?’ I wanted to shout. The noise that followed her performance could deafen a deaf man but that did not interest me; She bailed on One Direction. Who does that? The stone that was meant to hit two stones had hit a wall and come back for my head. I just wanted some fun; was that too much to ask?

We’ve all been in situations similar to that one; You take at least three table spoons of sugar in a tea cup just cause you like it, or you take walks in the middle of the night because the air is different at that hour and nothing could possibly happen. Or you have a boyfriend who loves you but you still keep talking to that guy friend late in the night cause he’s got jokes, and he gets you in a certain way, and you think “it’s innocent” because he’s not searching and you tell yourself it’s harmless. Or you flirt with girls and like it and tell yourself it’s harmless. Or you love social media likes so you show a little more flesh. Yes; when we like something very much, we tell ourselves nothing bad can come from it. Sometimes the things we really like are genuinely good but they could be wrong for us since we get blinded by them and forget we don’t need them. We all have that one thing we love, know we don’t need but think we can’t let go of it. But we can; only if we want to. Take time, find your blind spot then open your eyes before it drags you into its ‘darkness.’ I’m still trying to find my own.

1 Corinthians 6:12 Everything is permissible for me, but not all things are beneficial. Everything is permissible for me, but I will not be enslaved by anything [and brought under its power, allowing it to control me].

these kids are unfor-ghetto-ble! the triplets ghetto kids from uganda raised our flag high while we slept…

This is a really good read.



THE Ghetto is normally defined as “a part of a city, especially a slum, occupied by (a) minority group(s).”

The people who live in the Ghetto are normally downtrodden, poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged.

In the days when we started switching things round, turning paradigms on their heads, and rebellions started being considered heroic, the ghetto became the ashes from which the Phoenix rose.

It was the pile of waste from which arose the dazzling bird flying in the distant skies into the brilliant sunshine.

You’ve probably guessed what’s causing my gushiness right now. It’s those fantastic Triplets Ghetto Kids and what they have done for you, Uganda, for the last so many years.

Most probably like you, I first noticed them because of Eddie Kenzo’s ‘Sitya Loss’ – which I saw on stage being inappropriately presented at a ceremony, but fell for in a big way and joined…

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LeCrae BET Awards 2017 Acceptance Speech For The Dr Bobby Jones Gospel/Inspirational Award


The night 25th Of June brought the BET Awards,The 2017 Edition .
BET Awards are held annually to celebrate African-American accomplishments in entertainment and sports.
One of the highlights for anyone who is a fan of Lecrae Devaughn Moore aka LeCrae ,
Was him winning yet another award ,
The “Dr Bobby Jones Gospel/Inspirational Award”  for his song,
“Can’t Stop Me Now (Destination)”
which was was nominated with other Gospel music greats ;
“Never Have to Be Alone” by CeCe Winans,
“I Made It” by Fantasia ft. Tye Tribbett,
“My World Needs You” by Kirk Franklin ft. Sarah Reeves, Tasha Cobbs and Tamela Mann and “God Provides” by Tamela Mann.

Here is LeCrae’s Acceptance Speech

“Ah Well First Of All I Want To Thank My Lord And Savior ,
I Wouldn’t Be Here Without Him!
And Ah EVerybody In That Category Man
Are True Gospel Artists,
Am Just…

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I’m allowed to share good stuff when I find it. 😍

The Zone

Movies are a great hang out plot for couples, friends and anyone who just wants to spend some time relaxing, they are also educational and inspirational at some point, wait…. most of the times actually. You also can’t forget that they also help to pay the bills for someone out their hired to portray a certain character, how fascinating the many things movies accomplish in our lives!!

One of my best movies, actually series I have been following is called THE FLASH, it’s a sci fi series about someone called Barry Allen who after being struck by lightning acquired super natural powers that enabled him to run fast, fast enough to be dubbed the fastest man alive. The plot for season 3 has been about Savitar who like Barry is a speedster, but an evil one who doesn’t mind taking a life. The plot twist is that beneath the mask…

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Picture this; you wake up late for lectures so you take a running shower a shower while running then luckily, when you look out your door, you see the hostel shuttle preparing to leave. Just quarter way the journey, the shuttle decides to run out of fuel so you have to walk. But the hostel manager; acting driver, gives you guys money for transport. You get to your Editing and Publishing class tired but you have to pay attention to the guy talking about Editing for the press and House style. Then you go to your English Stylistics’ class and you can’t listen to the lecturer because your neighbor is showing you photos of the car she wants to buy when her sponsors send her enough money. “What does she even need a car for?”

Finally it’s time for lunch! You are trying to enjoy your Finaland rice, irish and peas in Mary Stuart when the girls start pouring out about how it is crazy to date a broke guy. Yes! You’ve heard that conversation before; how broke guys won’t take you out, if they do they’ll make you walk to the date venue, can’t take you shopping, blah blah blah. Every time this comes up I wonder where all the fathers went. I mean what are the fathers doing if girls are looking for men just to provide for them? I know that sounds like an excuse on behalf of broke guys but it’s not. I’m just saying it is wrong to date a guy just cause he’s well off. That’s how girls end up being treated like scum “as long as he can afford to take me to Cafe Javas.” SERIOUSLY! Anyways, if God blesses you and you just happen to meet a guy who truly cares about you and is also well off, ask him if he has a single brother I’ll be happy for you.

I have a friend know someone who doesn’t like broke people who want to be pitied but hates broke guys just cause they are broke. Last night, I asked her if she’d wait for a guy if he left the continent. She stopped scrolling on her phone. Looked at me and said, “It depends. If he’s sending me money when he’s away I can wait.” Her explanation was; the money would keep her happy and so, distract her from other guys.

Women, most women I know want to live comfortable lives, as such, they’ll prefer a rich guy because her money + his = a better life. Which doesn’t make her materialistic, girls just love ambitious men. One who aims to succeed, takes charge of situations and is responsible. If a woman prefers her man to be “loaded” that doesn’t make her a gold-digger, it could mean there’s lots of things she’d like to experience, but with him.

That doesn’t mean there are no gold-diggers. The word wouldn’t exist if the humans didn’t. Some people want to faithfully grow with you. Others want to consistently take from you. I just wish there was an app that could identify someone who only liked your money; of they express interest in you, you ask for a selfie and your phone goes Ding!!!! at the sight of them. Maybe then humans would embrace honesty; “I was going to tell you I only like you for the money but now your phone already told you.”

A woman who loves you doesn’t date you for your money, she’ll stand by you even when the times are tough but you have to be tough to chase the tough times. You’ll have to strive hard to fulfill your whole potential and get better at what you do. I will never be a guy but I’ve heard that if a guy loves you he’ll do his best to give you the best life together. So strive to give your best, she’ll see it and appreciate you for it. Those things of saying, “I’m a broke guy and you either love me or leave me” won’t work forever. You have skills, talents, abilities…use all that to step out of the brokeness. Also, pray for the spirit of discernment so you don’t spend your life on someone who only sees you as a source of income.

Money may not be able to buy happiness but good things are never free.

It is wrong to marry for money but foolish to marry without it – Jane Austen